matilde alberny
don't worry, i'm fine -  all to avoid a conflict, of course it's always my problem, fuck you
my day around you - waiting for you, sadness, conflictious, lonely, very lonely
Meredith Co, The social portrait of woman is shallow, picture posing, she is depicted fragile, without character, generic. meredith Co is the most important publisher of magazines, particularly for women, please  read the media kit at better homes and gardens.
To Meredith Co, Media Kit for
Better Homes and Gardens
And after 50 I discovered earth, baking earth. The terracotta collected, worked, carved and handcrafted has become a passion for me.
Molding figures in clay resemble  my painting technique and compliments the concept of my work.
More soon....
I worked on collages for my exhibit for April 2013 at Ariodante Gallery in New Orleans.

This body of work is a very strict comment on what I consider the most important issues related to
women today:

- The role and picture developed by our society for women, with templates very flat and condescending

- How and why women become brutalized and how we are participating on the victimization